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Between The Lines

December 19, 2010

The Art of Running a Small Business...
Working With a Public Relations Firm -- The New York Times
I recently hired a public relations firm to help us increase our brand awareness in the online data backup / recovery market. Since we are almost done with our three-month trial period, I though I would share some of the lessons I've learned...
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Crisis Management and How PR Can Save the Day...
In Case of Emergency: What Not to Do -- The New York Times
Whoever suggested that all publicity is good publicity clearly never envisioned the wave of catastrophe engulfing high-profile corporations over the lat year, laying waste to some of the most meticulously tailored reputations on earth...
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How PR Can Drive the Bottom Line...
We Got a Mention! Now Let's Panic -- The New York Times
Early in the summer, Nick LaCava and his two partners got something most entrepreneurs wish for, and if these three had it to do over, they would wish for it again. But they say they might be more careful -- and prepared...
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