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MARIE-LOUISE CLARKFrom the development of multichannel PR strategies to hands on execution, Marie-Louise is a fearless media relationship builder who evangelizes clients' successes and knows how to transform news into sizzling media campaigns. For over 15 years, she has been delivering results for technology sector clients -- both consumer and enterprise products and services - from startups to large publicly-traded companies. Her clients’ specialty areas include Security, Mobile, SEO, Serious Games and Web 2.0 as well as companies in healthcare, education and the wine industry.

As an Account Director at Bay Area PR & marketing agency Rocket Science in 2003, Marie-Louise elevated F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen to international cyber celebrity status during a US press tour. Numerous top-tier US dailies, TV stations as well as high-level lifestyle magazines wrote about F-Secure: BusinessWeek referred to Mikko and his team of researchers in Finland -- "Mikko Hypponen and his band of Finnish computer virus hunters;" the New York Times called them "Sleuths;" and "the Code Warriors" was the name Vanity Fair gave them.

For her work with F-Secure in 2004, Marie-Louise won the Bulldog Reporter’s Bulldog Award for Excellence in Media Relations and Publicity, the Beacon Gold Award, and the Mar-Com Creative Awards. In 2011, she won the National Marketing Communications Award for Media Relations from the Society for Marketing Professional Services. Another client, Niebaum-Coppola Winery’s online revenues increase by 200% during the holidays because of her innovative integrated marketing campaign.

Marie-Louise was a senior member of the team at the Antenna Group - a hi-tech public relations firm in San Francisco - where she managed the Elemental Software and Linuxcare, Inc. accounts. Leading a number of successful company and product launches (18 media and analyst tours in 2 years!) secured C/net’s recognition of Elemental Software Drumbeat 2.0 as the Web development product of 1998 and the product leader in Web development in ComputerWorld, InfoWorld, Information Week, and Network World.  There, she secured speaking engagements for the Elemental Software CEO at some of the industry’s most influential shows and conferences – Agenda, Demo, TED, and the Inc. Tech Magazine conference.

Marie-Louise began her PR career working for the largest independent public relations agency in Washington DC – the Widmeyer-Baker Group – specialists in education and health care issues for Federal government agencies, national associations and private sector clients. Out of college, she began her career as a paid campaign organizer working on U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein’s 1990 gubernatorial campaign; Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Gary Condit’s congressional campaigns; and California’s 1988 No-Fault Insurance campaign, one of the “insurance wars ballot initiatives,” which outspent the presidential elections that year.

A Northern California native, Marie-Louise earned a degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University and a graduate certificate in Public Relations from George Washington University. Marie is also a jazz and blue singer, an avid gardener, a film lover and a political junky.