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April 20, 2011

Another PR misstep from Goldman Sachs
The New York Times
Lesson in Being a State Company

Last week’s ouster of the chief executive of Vale, the mining giant based in Rio de Janeiro, sends a terrible signal to the markets about the Brazilian government’s intentions. The executive, Roger Agnelli, resisted the state’s designs to push the $180 billion company into lower-return, if labor-intensive, activities. With President Dima Rousseff’s government forcing his departure, investors must brace for a strategy that favors jobs over profit — in the fashion of Pemex instead of BHP Billiton...
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The finger pointed at Warren Buffett
The New York Times
Steinhardt Talks of Buffett's 'Snow Job'

Michael H. Steinhardt, chairman of Wisdom Tree Investments, describes Warren E. Buffett as a master of public relations, who has conned much of the public and the media. In an interview with CNBC, Mr. Steinhardt asserted that David L. Sokol’s resignation amid allegations of insider trading was a “common American practice,” but that it was rare for Mr. Buffett’s organization to be caught up in such an affair...
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Frito-Lay's Times Square bake-off
The New York Times
Marketer Puts Its 'Chips' on Times Square

The flavor of New York City would be different without Times Square. The Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo seems to agree. Frito-Lay plans to spend this week in Times Square with a promotional event featuring a flavor kitchen, which is part of the company’s effort to stimulate sales of its snack brands like Lay’s, SunChips and Tostitos. The promotion is centered on the flavors of Frito-Lay products and how the company creates its newest product flavors. Chefs will be involved, along with the Hard Rock Cafe, Electrolux kitchen appliances and Padma Lakshmi, the host of “Top Chef” on Bravo...
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Applebee's & Olive Garden have crisis management on their menu
USA Today
Applebee's, Olive Garden Face PR Problem After Serving Alcohol to Kids

The restaurant industry faces a sobering image mess: how to convince consumers it will stop accidentally serving alcohol drinks to toddlers. This week, two of the nation's largest casual dining chains -- Applebee’s and Olive Garden -- found themselves very uncomfortably trying to explain how alcohol ended up in kids' drinks. Last Friday, at an Applebee's in Madison Heights, Mich., a 15-month-old boy's sippy cup was supposed to be filled with apple juice but was filled with margarita mix and alcohol. On March 31, at an Olive Garden in Lakeland, Fla., a 2-year-old was served alcoholic sangria, not orange juice...
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