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Case Studies


Hard hit by the real estate recession, Pillar To Post, North America’s largest home inspection company needed more home sale transactions to boost revenue.  Diboll & Associates created that opportunity.

Pillar To Post Before
  • 12-year old company with approximately 400 franchises across North America. Growth had been steady, but was derailed by the real estate crisis.  Revenues dependent upon number home sale transactions.

The Challenge
  • Promote Pillar To Post to realtors, their key referrers, and to consumers for home inspections at the time of sale.
  • Distinguish Pillar To Post from other home inspectors. 
  • Ensure Pillar To Post is called in to each home sale transaction.
  • Support consistent revenue despite severe market downturn.

The Strategy
  • Move beyond the monumental job of driving sales despite dwindling transactions.  Instead, gain more value from each transaction.

The Tactics
  • Identify seeds of new revenue opportunity.  In this case, Diboll & Associates learned from Pillar To Post data that.
  • Generate endorsement for Pharox through media coverage in the green community to build product credibility a (very) small but growing number of home owners were conducting home inspections prior to putting homes on the market.
  • Diboll & Associates recognized that these “Pre-Listing” home inspections gave sellers an advantage over other sellers, as they could more accurately assess the value of their homes. 
  • Diboll & Associates broke news of this nascent trend in USAToday, providing statistical references such as fact that home buyers will typically ask for $2-$3 off the home price for each dollar of repair needed.  This encouraged sellers to fix that roof for $5k, vs. losing $10k-$15k in the sale.
  • Diboll & Associates prepared key Pillar To Post home inspectors and respected realtors as spokespersons on the trend, offering discussion on how Pre-Listing inspections benefitted sellers, reduced transaction time and provided greater security for buyers.

The Results
  • Once USAToday broke the story, media quickly picked up on the newly reported trend.  There were follow-on pieces from the AP, LATimes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bankrate, and many others, as well as key industry trades like Realtor, REM, RIS, CRM and more. 
  • The trend was also covered in many blogs and online outlets, spurring development of the trend itself.  Realtors and consumers, once presented with the good idea, began to implement in significant quantities.  Some realtor spokespeople said in interviews that they now required their seller clients to conduct a Pre-List home inspection.  The practice continued to grow.
  • Diboll & Associates developed marketing tools based on trend media coverage to support individual Pillar To Post franchisees in their regions. Many aggressively marketed the Pre-Listing home inspection, drive sales and revenue.

Pillar To Post After
  • Pillar To Post enjoyed up to 20% revenue growth in markets where the Pre-Listing inspections were marketed, and also saw uptick in markets even where there had not been regional marketing.
  • Some individual franchisees maintained steady revenue during the crux of the downturn, thanks in part to the Pre-Listing home inspection trend.
  • Overall Pillar To Post met or exceeded annual projections, thanks in part to the Pre-Listing home inspection trend.