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Case Studies


The first-comer in a nascent category, Lemnis Lighting’s Pharox LED bulb required audience education to drive product acceptance. Diboll & Associates shined the light.

Lemnis Lighting Before
  • European start up enters the U.S. with a product showing some success in homeland Holland. Is the U.S. market ready?

The Challenge
  • Help consumers decipher conflicting information on light bulbs and their eco-benefits.
  • Position residential LEDs as the replacement for CFL bulbs, which were only gaining widespread adoption at that time. 
  • Persuade consumers that the steep Pharox price tag would be reimbursed in multiples over time.
  • Drive traffic to the one site selling the Pharox, with no bricks and mortar retail presence.

The Strategy
  • Leverage competitive advantages of LED bulb over CFL bulbs to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

The Tactics
  • Generate endorsement for Pharox through media coverage in the green community to build product credibility.
  • Leverage acceptance by green pundits to gain reception among top-tier consumer and business media.
  • As consumer and business media increasingly praises Pharox, parlay those success into awards and speaking.
  • Showcase all partnerships with industry players to increasingly win fan base and sector support.

The Results
  • Lemnis Lighting’s Pharox was covered and lauded in eco-media including Treehugger, IdealBite, Green Deals Daily, Earth First, EcoFabulous and others.  This early adoption paved the way for more mainstream coverage.   
  • Pharox was all over consumer and business media—Newsweek called it “One Of The Top 10 Fixes For the Planet”, Time called the “Better Bulbs”, Better Homes and Gardens, the Martha Stewart Show, ABC, NBC and CBS featured the bulb.    Fast Company called Lemnis one of the “100 Most Innovative Companies In the World” and The New York Times said Lemnis was “Racing To Build A Better Bulb.”
  • This growing acceptance paved the way for Lemnis to be tapped by the World Economic Forum’s “Tech Pioneers” awards, which Diboll & Associates then converted into a speaking platform at the conference.
  • Diboll & Associates arranged for the Lemnis spokesperson at the World Economic Forum to blog daily, presenting a “man on the street” reportage from the conference.  Diboll & Associates had this optimized and immediately distributed for maximum visibility.

Lemnis Lighting After
  • Pharox is now sold by multiple outlets, including online retail giant Amazon. This widespread availability meets consumer demand, and Lemnis’ main struggle now is to produce sufficient quantity.
  • Pharox booked orders for over three million bulbs in one year, including 25,000 sold to Google as gifts to their employees. 
  • The company has gained increased investor confidence, recently securing a significant round of funding.
  • Momentum continues to grow, as Lemnis has rolled out additional residential products and launched its line of outdoor LED lights.