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Case Studies


Capitalizing on the red-hot cloud space and the No-Sql movement, Objectivity created InfiniteGraph specifically to meet developer demand.  Diboll & Associates rolled out the new service to a warmed-up audience.

InfiniteGraph Before
  • Brainchild of parent company Objectivity, InfiniteGraph was designed to meet very specific developer needs around large-scale graph processing, data analytics and discovery.

The Challenge
  • Launch InfiniteGraph, a paid, licensed deployment, into a loosely-defined market space against competitors offering their open source products free.
  • Position Infinite Graph as separate and distinct from parent company Objectivity.
  • Develop communication program around floating launch dates.

The Strategy
  • Focus launch messaging on features no competitor offers, and on the legacy and expertise within parent company Objectivity.

The Tactics
  • To ensure the emphasis and importance of InfiniteGraph was clearly telegraphed, Objectivity created an entirely separate business unit to develop InfiniteGraph and its product successors.
  • Diboll & Associates, working with the business unit rolls out InfiniteGraph first to analysts.
  • Next, break launch news with key bloggers to gain closely watched, almost real-time commentary.
  • Bloggers reported, additional media began carrying the story.
  • Diboll & Associates worked directly with target media to ensure spokesperson engagement for feature story coverage.  Metrics for story success centered on spokesperson quotes and InfiniteGraph benefits mentioned in stories.

The Results
  • Analysts worked with InfiniteGraph team members to gain in-depth understanding of the product.  Firms gave strong positive endorsements; for example The 451 Group said "We would expect the InfiniteGraph database technology to appeal to social networking services providers and government/intelligence customers alike."  Forrester, IDC and others made equally strong commentary.
  • Bloggers took up the praise, publishing comments like “InfiniteGraph is already being used by the CIA and Department of Defense, (and) the architecture has been built through (the company's) engagements with these customers."
  • Industry-centric media reviewed and endorsed InfiniteGraph, saying "The InfiniteGraph API is very simple and requires minimal design and development effort to quickly develop advanced systems and get these products to market."-- DZone.

InfiniteGraph After
  • InfiniteGraph moved through its beta testing phase, capturing developer feedback to enhance product functionality.
  • The company is now developing its second version of the product, and has several major corporations in line to utilize the new product.
  • The InfiniteGraph business unit is currently working on related products to address ongoing developer demands.