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Case Studies


Diboll & Associates launched A9.com, Amazon's search site, in a multi-phase rollout that generated media attention on six continents with more than 300 million media impressions, and positioned A9.com as an innovator in consumer search experiences.

A9.com Before
  • Nascent company facing controversy regarding industry partnerships, Amazon involvement and forward-looking business strategy

The Challenge
  • Launch A9 beta site to gain attention/feedback from users without revealing long-term strategy for company.
  • Dismiss, assertively and absolutely, queries regarding privacy connected to A9 functionality.
  • Position A9 as partner, rather than competitor, to key industry player despite media intention to mischaracterize relationship.

The Strategy
  • Capitalize on media interest of Amazon subsidiary to develop honed reactive communication strategy
  • Utilize fundamental communication building blocks to ensure accurate description of company and industry relationships

The Tactics
  • Announce beta site through relevant industry pundit and blog (rather than mainstream media), directly reaching target online users.
  • Respond to subsequent media queries with highly consistent positioning and messaging.
  • Cultivate relationships with media involving meticulous and accurate interviews, disallowing for mischaracterizations.

The Results
  • A9.com beta launch received global recognition within and feedback from target audiences
  • Privacy and positioning issues negated as article after article carried precise and accurate messages
  • Industry attention tremendous; story carried in major US and international vehicles including Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Bloomberg News, BusinessWeek, Forbes, San Jose Mercury News, Fox News, CNET, ZDNET, CNN, New York Times, BBC, La Tribune, Eweek, LATimes, others

A9.com After
  • A9 addressed and squelched controversy, now continuing to research and build search technologies with ongoing guidance from developer community at large