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March 30, 2011

Google: searching for the right solution to privacy rights
The New York Times
Google Unveils New Social Tool as It Settles Privacy Case

Google introduced its latest social tool Wednesday, the same day it settled with the Federal Trade Commission over charges of deceptive privacy practices in its introduction last year of Buzz, the social networking tool in Gmail...
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Dior's beautifully designed public relations
The New York Times
For Dior, the Show Goes On

An emotional week, sometimes as overwrought as couture itself, ended this afternoon on a surprisingly calm and graceful note as members of the Dior ateliers, all in their white lab coats, took to the catwalk for the final bow of the fall 2011 Dior show. Ever since Tuesday, when Dio dismissed designer John Galliano for anti-Semitic remarks that were caught on video, there has been nonstop speculation about how the house would handle the show, or even if there would be a show at all. This has been a public-relations nightmare for Dior, as well as an emotional and stressful ordeal for employees of the house and its chief executive, Sidney Toledano...
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Facebook befriends Gibbs and hopes to meet SEC rules
The New York Times
Facebook May Hire Robert Gibbs, Former Obama Aide

Facebook is in talks to hire Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s former White House press secratary, for a senior role in helping to manage the company’s communications, people briefed on the negotiations said.  Facebook is seeking out Mr. Gibbs ahead of an initial public offering planned for early 2012, these people said.  Robert Gibbs left the White House in February after two years on the job.  The talks are still at an early stage and no formal offer has been made, these people said, adding it remained possible that the discussions could collapse...
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Obama faces one of the most difficult PR challenges of his presidency
The New York Times
President Obama faces tough challenge in Libya speech

President Obama must cast the U.S. role in humanitarian terms, define limits of the American mission and explain how Libya's revolt differs from other upheavals in the Middle East...
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