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May 9, 2011

BP teaching us what NOT to do
BP: A Textbook Example of How Not to Handle PR

Within hours of the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Glenn DaGian was on the phone. He had retired a year earlier after working with BP and Amoco for 30 years. He wanted back in the game. "Every day thereafter, for about a week, I kept saying, do you want my help, do you want my help?" he says. DaGian watched from the sidelines as BP executives declared it was not their accident, blamed their contractors and made the company look arrogant and callous. The company's response has become a textbook example of how not to do crisis management...
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Lessons learned from Apple, Sony, Verizon...
PC World
How to Respond (and NOT) to a Public Relations Incident

There have been a number of significant data breach and service outage incidents lately. The difference in how organizations respond illustrates both good ways and bad ways to handle a public relations crisis. First, we have Apple. After the revelation that iPhones and iPads are storing time-stamped location information, and that the data is in an unencrypted file that is also backed up to the PC when the iOS device is synced with iTunes, the Apple response was essentially "it wasn't me". Apple often handles public relations incidents by simply pretending they don't exist, and working hard to convince customers they don't exist as well...
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How to keep your crisis from burning out of control
The Globe and Mail
PR Disasters Burn Hot and Fast

Whether it’s an environmental disaster or rumours of bedbugs, embarrassing news for business can travel at the speed of sound.  Today, every crisis has the potential to go viral on the Internet through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  “If you think your problem might be contained within the walls of your office or your factory, people are talking on Twitter.  That conversation is going to spring up there at some point,” said Amanda Laird, communications specialist at CNW Group.  “Even something like an executive being charged...”
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Apple flexes over competition with Samsung
Apple Lawsuit Against Samsung May Be ‘Public Relations’ Effort

Apple surprised the tech community this week by filing a comprehensive lawsuit against Samsung claiming Samsung's phones infringed on multiple Apple designs, including the iPhone and iPad. However, a settlement, or even an injunction, may not be what Apple wants. The Apple lawsuit has specific (and, by most accounts, solid) arguments explaining why recent Samsung design choices for its Android smartphones and tablet are blatant rip-offs of established Apple designs. While it seems a bit extreme that Apple alleges these infringements could fool some consumers into thinking Samsung devices are iPhones (wouldn’t the lack of a large Apple logo on the back be a big clue?), the other claims may have merit...
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"Be prepared, for what we say will echo no matter how or where we say it." 

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